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Dapol OO Gauge B4 0-4-0T 30096 BR Late Crest

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The London and South Western Railway B4 class was a class of 0-4-0 tank engines originally designed for station piloting and dock shunting. They were later used extensively in Southampton Docks for nearly half a century.

The locomotives were designed by the London and South Western Railway (LSWR) Locomotive Superintendent William Adams. They were unusual in having inside Stephenson valve gear but outside cylinders and coal bunkers on the footplate inside the cab. The class were originally built with Adams's design of stovepipe chimney, although these were later replaced by a lipped version, as on our model, designed by Adams' successor, Dugald Drummond. Our model is an example with an original cab, but some examples also had cut away cabs to improve visibility. They were designed for shunting in locations with a sharp curves, such as the dockyard at Devonport and as pilots at the major stations.


These great little models feature lots of details including etched grills, directional lighting, and finely printed external logos and numbering.


  • Finely moulded body with many optional detailing parts
  • Cast wheel in the appropriate colour to match livery
  • Tungsten chassis
  • Coreless motor for smoother operation
  • All wheel drive and pick up
  • NEM couplings
  • Includes spares bag with additional detailing parts


Class B4
Livery BR Black Late Crest
Era 5 (1957 - 1966)
Wheel Configuration 0-4-0
DCC Type DCC Ready
Track Supply 12V DC
Finish Pristine


Length Over Buffer 98mm
Width 34mm
Height 48mm
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