Rolling Stock Parts

Fortunately, all MSS rolling stock parts are fully compatible with the original Mamod rolling stock. So, if your MSS or Mamod wagon has not been used in a while, or you have just gained a second hand one, you can give it new lease of life with a few standard servicing parts to keep it in tip-top running condition.

All the parts are available to make up a most of the rolling stock if you wish, even chassis frames, wheels and body panels. So even the most neglected of wagons can be given a new life with a few new parts and a bit of TLC.

Most of these parts are made using the original pressing tools used to make the Mamod rolling stock in the 1980s. So as well at the MSS rolling stock all these parts will fit the Mamod RW1 Open Wagon, Mamod RW2 Log or Lumber Wagon, Mamod RW3 Guard's Van, Mamod RW4 Goods Van, Mamod RW5 Passenger Coach and Mamod RW6 Flat Bed Truck, as well as all the rolling stock found in the 'Mamod Steam Railway Co' train sets; the RS1 and RS1a, RS2, RS3 and RS3a, RS4 and RS5.

A few of the MSS parts are not currently available for the Log Wagon; the floor panel, the logs and bands, and the little red stays on the side. Unfortunately the original tool to press the original Mamod open wagon body was lost when Mamod changed hands so this part is not currently produced either.

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Page 1 of 1:    19 Items
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