G45 Code 250 Nickel Silver


Probably the most popular choice for extensive garden railway layouts running Narrow Gauge trains on 45mm gauge track, known as G45. Peco Streamline G45 track with its slightly irregular 'weathered' finish sleepers captures the narrow gauge character.

It is a strong code 250 track system that will withstand the often heavy locos in this scale. The flexible track give you the freedom to bend your line through your garden to your own requirements. Combined with points and Setrack curves you can create all manner of layouts large and small.

Whilst made for 1:22.5 (13.5mm:1ft) scale narrow gauge trains (G45) it is the most commonly used 45mm track to run 1:19 (16mm:1ft) scale narrow gauge trains such as the Accucraft, Mamod, Roundhouse and MSS locos and rolling stock with 45mm wheels.