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Set-a-Curve Radius Setter

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The Set-a-Curve radius setter from Dream Steam Works makes setting curves in flexible track systems (like the PECO Flexitrack products we stock) a simple process with nice clean curve profiles.

Set-a-Curve is made from aluminium for robustness and is laser cut for accuracy.

Available for 32mm and 45mm stack systems and in 3 inch (152mm) increments starting a 3 foot (914mm)

When selecting the radius you require from the 'Radius' drop list above the numbering matches the product packaging and is measured in feet and inches with the feet value being the number before the decimal point and inches after, therefore the option of 4.6 is a radius of 4 foot 6 inches and 7.0 is a 7 foot radius.

How to use

It is recommended that on long curve, the joints are staggered 50% either side. Insert Set-a-Curve template of desired radius between the rails, this ensures a smooth curve with no doglegs. NOTE: The track can sometimes move with summer/winter changes of weather which distorts the track. Set-a-Curve can be used from time to time to check that this hasn't occurred and if necessary correct.

Two Set-a-Curve templates can be used to achieve a transition either from straight to curve or from larger radius to smaller radius. e.g.. from6' to 3' and then back again, this is a good technique to reduce derailments.

NOTE: The slots in the centre are provided so that fixings can be inserted in the centre of the sleepers if required. Usually it is recommended that the sleepers are fixed outside the rails to prevent curling, but at rail joints with total breaks i.e. lifting bridges or baseboard joints, the extra centre fixing can help for extra rigidity.




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Set-a-Curve Radius Setter
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1 Review:

Very useful item
28 June 2022  |  Peter

Very useful for laying even curves but would be better if it was 3ft. long.

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