Steam Oil & Accessories

The Dream Steam Works own range of consumables and accessories to keep you in steam on your garden railway.

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220 Roundhouse Steam Oil

220 Roundhouse Steam Oil£2.00

220 Steam Oil as recommended by Roundhouse for use in their displacement lubricators. Available in handy, small, medium and large.

460 Compound Steam Oil

460 Compound Steam Oil£2.00

High demand for this product has allowed us a pricing break on purchase that we have passed on to the sales price!

Recommended for most brands of live steam garden railway locos and should be used with our piston, cylinder, and displacement lubricator upgrades. Available in handy, small, medium and large.

Oil Goodie Bag

Oil Goodie Bag£7.50   £6.50

This goodie bag contains a 30ml of 460 or 220 oil, a 30ml Lubricating oil and a curve tipped syringe.

Curve Tipped Syringe - 10ml

Curve Tipped Syringe - 10ml£2.50

Handy curved tipped syringe.

Live Steam Garden Railway Loco Lubricating Oil

Live Steam Garden Railway Loco Lubricating Oil£3.00

Special vintage oil for general lubrication of moving parts on live steam garden railway locomotives.

MSS Mamod Solid Fuel Pack - 20 Tablets

MSS Mamod Solid Fuel Pack - 20 Tablets£4.50   £4.00

Meths Burner Wick

Meths Burner Wick£1.90

Water Top-up Bottle Travel Lid

Water Top-up Bottle Travel Lid£0.50

Make Traveling easier with this Water Top-up Bottle lid.

Meths filler bottle

Meths filler bottle£3.00

A conveniant little feed bottle for filling your meths burner.

Multi-use Cap

Multi-use Cap£1.50

A conveniant little cap which will fit our 125ml & 250ml oil bottles, perfect aid to pour oil .

Water Filler Bottle

Water Filler Bottle£4.00

A conveniant water filler bottle.

Set-a-Curve Radius Setter

Set-a-Curve Radius Setter£15.00

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