Metric Range

Measurements guide: Outer Dia x Wall x Inner Dia 

All tube and rod are 305mm per Length 

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Brass Angle 1mm x 1mm

Brass Angle 1mm x 1mm£6.00
Brass Angle 2mm x 2mm

Brass Angle 2mm x 2mm£6.60
Brass Angle 3mm x 3mm

Brass Angle 3mm x 3mm£6.60
Brass Angle 4mm x 4mm

Brass Angle 4mm x 4mm£6.60
Brass Rod 0.45mm

Brass Rod 0.45mm£5.50
Brass Rod 0.5mm

Brass Rod 0.5mm£5.50
Brass Rod 0.8mm

Brass Rod 0.8mm£5.50
Brass Rod 1.0mm

Brass Rod 1.0mm£5.50
Brass Rod 1.5mm

Brass Rod 1.5mm£6.00
Brass Rod 2.0mm

Brass Rod 2.0mm£6.00
Brass Rod 2.5mm

Brass Rod 2.5mm£6.00
Brass Strip 12mm x 0.4mm

Brass Strip 12mm x 0.4mm£5.50
Brass Strip 12mm x 0.6mm

Brass Strip 12mm x 0.6mm£5.50
Brass Strip 12mm x 0.8mm

Brass Strip 12mm x 0.8mm£5.50
Brass Strip 25mm x 0.4mm

Brass Strip 25mm x 0.4mm£5.50
Brass Strip 25mm x 0.6mm

Brass Strip 25mm x 0.6mm£6.00
Brass Strip 6mm x 0.4mm

Brass Strip 6mm x 0.4mm£5.50
Brass Strip 6mm x 0.6mm

Brass Strip 6mm x 0.6mm£5.50
Brass Strip 6mm x 0.8mm

Brass Strip 6mm x 0.8mm£5.50
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Page 1 of 3:    83 Items
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