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The Dream Steam 'Loyalty Points' Scheme

As a thank you to our loyal account customers we have introduced the new Dream Steam 'Loyalty Points' scheme to give you a little something back each time you place an order through our webshop.

With all purchases you will now receive 'Loyalty Points' equivalent in value to 3% of the price of any items you purchase from our webshop (excluding delivery charges).  You earn 1 'Loyalty Point' on each £1.00 you spend on-line and each 'Loyalty Point' is the equivelent to 3p in the pound (or 3%). 

If you have created an account your 'Loyalty Points' are saved to your account and you can redeem them against any future purchases you make.  Once you have accrued 100 'Loyalty Points' you can begin using them at any time after your first purchase has been completed and they may be used in full or part payment for any item from our webshop against future purchases. The option to redeem your 'Loyalty Points' is offered at the checkout.  To view your 'Loyalty Points' simply log in to your account.

Please Note: 'Loyalty Points' are only available to online account holding customers.  'Loyalty Points' are not recorded if you purchase items as a Guest without logging in to your account or creating an account as you will not have an account to hold them in. Guest users can not claim 'Loyalty Points', currently or retrospectively.

'Loyalty Points' are not given to purchases made at shows although we do run 'Show Special' pricing on a per show bases. Loyalty Points can not be redeemed at shows as we do not have the resources to access your webshop account from the show stand. 


  1. 'Loyalty Points' may only be erned and used against Dream Steam Webshop purchases by registered online account holders and have no actual monetary value.
  2. Purchases made as a Guest will not earn 'Loyalty Points'. 
  3. 'Loyalty Points' will expire if not used within 24 months of receipt (was 12 months).
  4. 'Loyalty Points' may not be used with any other discount code.
  5. Each 'Loyalty Point' has a £0.00 monetary value and no cash alternative is available.
  6. Returns will result in debit to your 'Loyalty Points' balance.
  7. The 'Loyalty Points' scheme is not a contract of value and can be discontinued by Dream Steam at any time without notice and no alternative may be offered against unredeemed 'Loyalty Points' . 
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