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Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale low Relief Half timbered Shop Front£8.00   £7.00

Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale Settle/Carlisle Double Track Engine Shed£23.00   £22.00

A sturdy stone shed with lots of fine detailing.

Designed to stand alongside our Settle-Carlisle range of buildings.

Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale Show Jump£5.50   £5.00

A set of 4 show jumps, 2 cross style and 2 straight bar.

Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale Signal Box Interior£6.50   £5.50

A detailed kit containing 2 lever frames, a level crossing gate wheel, fire stove, table, chair, rocking chair, various rugs, posters and track diagrams.

Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale Wooden Pavilion£6.50   £5.50

Metcalfe 00/H0 Scale Workers Cottages£12.50   £11.00

Two complete sets of cottages and outbuildings make up this attractive kit.

Metcalfe Metcalfe OO/HO Scale Small Signal Box£10.00   £9.00

Metcalfe OO / HO Scale Garden Sheds£5.50   £4.50

The perfect addition to any backyard, garden or allotment.

Metcalfe OO / HO Scale Greenhouse£6.00   £5.00

Kit contains one laser cut greenhouse and two cold frames.

Metcalfe OO Mini Kit G.W.R Benches£5.75   £5.00

A set of four 00/H0 scale platform seats with the Great Western Railway logo.

Metcalfe OO Mini Kit Platform Benches£5.75   £5.00

A set of four single 00/H0 scale platform benches, and one double sided bench.

Metcalfe OO Mini Kit Station Clocks£5.50   £5.00

A set of one wall mounted station clock, and two overhead station clocks.

Metcalfe OO/HO Bus Shelter£6.50   £6.00

A modern style bus shelter.

Metcalfe OO/HO Fire Station£19.00   £17.00

Metcalfe OO/HO Industrial Unit£13.00   £11.50

Metcalfe OO/HO Low Relief Bank & Shops£11.50   £10.00

Metcalfe OO/HO Manor Farm Buildings£11.50   £10.00

Metcalfe OO/HO Nissen Hut kit£7.50   £7.00

Designed back in 1916 during WW1, the Nissen Hut came into itís own during WW2 as a quick build, multi use hut. They were then used after WW2 as temporary housing for displaced families. Many since got converted to workshops and agriculture use.

Metcalfe OO/HO Parish Church£16.00   £15.00

A finely detailed semi Gothic church.

Metcalfe OO/HO Railway Bridge£14.50   £11.50

A beautifully detailed double track bridge with the option to make the overhead single or double track

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Page 1 of 4:    65 Items