Loco Parts

Fortunately, all MSS locomotive parts are fully compatible with the original Mamod locomotives. So, if your loco has not been used in a while, or you have just gained a second hand one, you can give it new lease of life with a few standard servicing parts to keep your loco in tip-top running condition. All the parts are available to make up a whole locomotive if you wish, even boilers, wheels and body panels. So even the most neglected of locos can be given a new life with a few new parts and a bit of TLC.

Most of these parts are made using the original pressing tools used to make the Mamod loco in the 1980s. So as well at the MSS locos all these parts will fit the Mamod SL1 and SL1K, Mamod SL2, Mamod SL3, Mamod SL4, Mamod SL5 and Mamod SL6, as well as all the locos found in the 'Mamod Steam Railway Co' train sets; the RS1 and RS1a, RS2, RS3 and RS3a, RS4 and RS5.

A couple of the MSS parts have changed over time from the original Mamod design such as the cylinder, which now has a thicker end cap for the piston rod acting as a gland to make a better steam seal. The only other part that is different is the steam dome nut. Unfortunately the original tool to press the nice polished brass dome cap that fits over the original hexagonal steam dome nut was lost when Mamod changed hands. So now MSS turn the hexagonal nut to form a dome shape but the fitting and internal design is exactly the same so will fit original Mamod loco boilers just fine.