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Metcalfe N Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance£13.00   £12.00

Metcalfe N Corner Shop & Pub in Red brick£8.50   £7.50

Metcalfe N Corner Shop & Pub in stone£8.50   £7.50

Metcalfe N Fire Station£12.00   £11.00

Metcalfe N Goods Yard Crane£5.00   £4.50

Metcalfe N Industrial Unit£7.50   £6.00

Metcalfe N Low relief stone terraced house fronts£7.50   £6.50

Metcalfe N Mini Grange House£8.00   £7.00

Ideal for rural and village style scenes.

Metcalfe N Mini Kits Nissen Hut£5.75   £5.00

The Nissen Hut is a simple but versatile building, comes with a choice of entrances a double workshop door or single door.

Metcalfe N Scale Bus/Transport Depot£8.50   £8.00

A large bus/coach garage that can also be used for many different things.

Metcalfe N Scale Coaching Inn£10.00   £9.00

A wonderfully detailed corner Coaching Inn a must have for any town or village. Comes with a selection of different signs.

Metcalfe N Scale Crofter's Cottage£7.50   £7.00

This tiny little rural cottage has an optional adjoining barn that can be converted for more living space.

Metcalfe N Scale Cut Stonework M1 Style£5.80   £5.00

This stonework is ideal for custom building retaining walls, bridges and buildings. Designed to match all Metcalfe kits using the M style stone.

Metcalfe N Scale Double Track Engine Shed£13.50   £12.00

A sturdy red brick shed with lots of fine detailing.

Metcalfe N Scale Footbridge£10.00   £9.00

Metcalfe N Scale Garden Sheds£5.50   £4.50

The perfect addition to any backyard, garden or allotment.

Metcalfe N Scale Garden's Cottage£8.00   £7.50

A quaint village cottage with laser-cut detailing perfect for any rural scene.

Metcalfe N Scale Greenhouse£5.00   £4.50

The perfect addition to any backyard, garden or allotment.

Metcalfe N Scale Island Platform Building£12.50   £11.50

A superb Island platform building that can form part of a larger station scene when stood alongside our mainline station kits: PN920 Booking Hall, PN941 Wall backed canopy and PN940 Canopy or used as a stand-alone building.

Metcalfe N Scale low relief bank & shop£9.50   £9.00

A beautifully detailed traditional style bank with high street shop.

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