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Woodland Scenics Tunnel Liner Form

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Woodland Scenics
  • For Single and double tunnels
  • Create easty access to track
  • Cast realistic rock walls and ceilings
  • Sized for HO - modify for N scale easily


1. Tunnel Liner Form models realistic blasted rock inside tunnels and works for single or double track. For signle track, shorten length of Form by folding short, top section onto main Tunnel Liner Form. For double track, use entire form.

2. Prepare Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster (C1201) Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180) or Super Strength Plaster (C1199) according to package instrustions. Using a spatular, fill outside of Form with plaster. Make sure plaster is smooth, level and even with side ridges of Form. Note; We suggest using the Plaster Muxung Set (C1187) for easy preparation of plaster products and cleanup.

3. Allow tunnel liner casting to dry thoroughly before removing from Tunell Liner Form. To remove, pull out on sides of Form. 

4. Make as many tunnel liner sections as desired. Tunnel liner sections can run the length of the tunnel or just along the visible area.

5. If using tunnel liner castings wuth Tunnel Portales, sand edges for casting and test-fit before installing. USe a hobby knife or a sandpaper to reshape casting.

6. Attach tunnel liner sections along the top with a strip of wet Plaster Cloth (C1191 - C1193, C1203) This acts as a hinge and allows for lighting on half of the tunnel liner for servicing track. Attach individual, non-lifting sections with Lightweight Hydrocal, Shaper Sheet Plaster or Super Strength Plaster and reinfore with Plaster Cloth. Note: Before applying plaster products, wet adjoining tuneel liner sections.

7. Clour with Earth Color Liquid Pigment (C1215 C1216 C1217 C1218 C1219 C1220 C1221 C1222 C1223 C1228 C1229) Let casting dry 24 hours beofre colouring.

8. Attach stationary side of liner to layout with Lightweight Hydrocal, Shaoer Sheet PLaser of Super Strength Plaster.

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