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KATO N Gauge Unitrack Power Direction Control Switch

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Direction Control Switch

During the heyday of steam locomotives, there was a locomotive depot at major stations, and there was always a turntable.

Steam locomotives whose direction of travel is structurally limited are placed on a turntable to change the direction of travel at intermediate stations and terminal stations, and coal is loaded with water, non-slip sand, etc. for maintenance. After receiving it, I left for the next train tow.

The electric turntable is perfect for recreating the scenery of the locomotive depot when steam locomotives were the glamor of railways in the good old days. The prototype is a type with a relatively shallow pit called the lower road type, and it is an item that doubles the enjoyment of running a steam locomotive train with smooth left and right rotation and a reliable stop mechanism. Of course, steam locomotives that were active in Japan are equipped with a 160mm main girder that can be mounted with a margin. Why don't you reproduce the scenery of the motive power depot with abundant items such as the extension line set that forms the circumference of the turntable, the adjacent line, and the electric turntable extension cord (150 cm).


  • Power Reversing Switch
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