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Noch UFO Landing Hard Foam Scene

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The NOCH UFO model stands out not only because of its detailed hand-painting, but also because of the easy processing of the NOCH structural hard foam.
The hand-painted hard foam model on a base plate is ideal for use on your model landscape. Perfectly staged in a wild landscape or a gloomy area, it immediately creates a mystical atmosphere.
The accompanying 3D-printed alien figure, 1.7 cm tall, adds the finishing touch to the model! 
The ideal highlight not only for space travel romantics and rocket ravers!

*Note: after some in-depth research, we now believe that Fred has the amazing ability to change his size at will. Consequently, the model is suitable for H0, TT and N gauge. Depending on Fred’s mood.

1 base plate with crashed UFO made of NOCH Hard Foam, handpainted,
22.5 cm x 15 cm, 6.5 cm high,
1 3D printed alien figure, 1.7 cm tall

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