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Dream Steam Works

Gift cards are available in £5, £10, £25 and £50 dominations.

Great idea for Christmas!

This gift card will be sent to you and allows you to pass it on as a gift to your friend or family member!

These cards can be used in our shop, at shows and on our website (you just use the number in the bottom right during the checkout). They also offer the flexibility that they can be used in full or part payment on any number of purchases up to the limit of their face value so you don't have to use it all at once..unless you want to!

Please note if you are overseas you will receive an E-voucher to avoid costly shipping charges, We will send you the code in text form in the body of an email and a .jpg image of your gift card which you are able to print to give to your recipient. 

These cards are valid for a year, but if you have an expired one don't worry just give us a call and we will be happy to re-activate any remaining balance on it.

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