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PECO TT:120 Buffer Stop, Rail type

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Plastic kit, 4 buffer stops per pack.

A craft knife, needle files and liquid poly cement are required for construction.

For use with PECO TT:120 code 55 flexible track and turnouts.

The ends of sidings and bay platforms are usually terminated with a buffer stop to prevent rolling stock leaving the end of the track. When sidings are re-laid with flat-bottom rails, as represented by the PECO TT:120 range of code 55 flexible track and turnouts, often the original buffer stops made of bullhead rail would be re-used, along with the short length of track to which they are attached. examples of this can still be seen in various locations on Britain’s railway network.

Each kit includes 4 buffer stops, including 30mm lengths of dummy Bullhead track they are attached to. Each unit locates on the end of the track and needs to be glued to the baseboard.

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