OO Gauge Oxford Diecast Standard Flying Twelve Grey

OO Gauge Oxford Diecast Standard Flying Twelve Grey

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Brand:  Oxford Diecast

The Standard Motor Company Limited was a British vehicle manufacturer founded in Coventry in 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay. Its later history involved various mergers and take-overs but Standard survived until 1968 when its name became defunct under British Leyland, being absorbed into the BL empire. Apart from motor vehicles, Standard also manufactured Ferguson tractors but these assets were later sold to Massey-Ferguson in 1959. Our Standard Flying Twelve four door saloon dates from a production period between 1937 and1940. It was unveiled as part of a new range of Flying Standards at the 1935 Motor Show, distinctive because of their sloping streamlined rear. The Flying Standard was so named because of the major radiator shell change to a waterfall grille topped by the Union Jack badge, which apparently streamed backwards in contrast to its previous forward-facing position. The Flying Twelve boasted a 1608 cc side valve, 4 cylinder engine. Modifications in 1938 included the Flying Twelve being given a new chassis with independent front suspension. For its time, it was considered a smart car. Our fourth release on the Flying Twelve is registered CRL 882 and its brown grey body colour is also reflected in the wheels which have silver centres. The interior is blue, which is a nice contrast, as is the silver trim to the exterior including the radiator grille and bumpers. Team it up with Oxford’s previous authentic colour schemes in the series to date, namely black, blue and dark red in your pre-war line-up of British cars.

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