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PECO OO Gauge Code 75 Insulated Rail Joiner

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Pack of 12

Pack of 12

Peco Streamline Code 75 track meets the standards of enthusiasts who prefer to run trains on scale height rail. This rail height is used for our 00/H0 Fine Standard Track Systems (Ref nos. SL-100F, 102F, 104F, 106F) and our H0m (SL-1400) and H0n3 (SL-1500) track ranges; these joiners can also be used with the Code 83 Line American range (SL-8300 and 8302) and Code 75 Bullhead track (SL-108F).

Design prevents adjacent rails from touching whilst holding them in alignment. Insulated rail joiners are required to provide electrical breaks where Electrofrog turnouts are used, for more details see our Wiring the Layout publications Nos 4 and 21.

Recommended to be used with:
PECO Code 75 and Code 83 track systems 00/H0 HOm and HOn3

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