Mamod & MSS Upgrade Parts

We have brought together the most complete range of high quality upgrade parts for those enthusiasts that want to get the best performance out of their MSS or old Mamod live steam railway locomotive. Our range includes High Pressure Boilers, O Ring Upgrade Piston Cylinders, Meths and Gas Burners, Steam Regulators, High Pressure Safety Valves, Goodall type Water Top-up Valves and Bottles, Steel Wheels, and Dead-Leg Displacement Lubricators. Many upgrades in our range are those previously manufactured by IP Engineering and used on the famous IP Jane loco. We now manufacture and supply the IP upgrades under the 'Dream Steam Works' brand and will continue to add new products. We are the only manufacturers of the original and long established IP Engineering Mamod upgrdes - beware of other imitations!

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MSS Mamod Upgrades - Ceramic Gas Burner Set

MSS Mamod Upgrades - Ceramic Gas Burner Set£94.98   £90.00
460 Compound Steam Oil

460 Compound Steam Oil£2.50
Meths Burner Wick

Meths Burner Wick£2.20
Oil Goodie Bag

Oil Goodie Bag£8.00
Sight Glass (DSW)

Sight Glass (DSW)£3.00
Water Filler Bottle

Water Filler Bottle£4.00

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