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MSS Side Tank Loco Kit
MSS Side Tank Loco Kit
MSS Side Tank Loco Kit
MSS Side Tank Loco Kit

MSS Side Tank Loco Kit

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MSS - Model Steam Specialists

MSS - Model Steam Specialists

The most popular in our range of self assembly live steam locomotives. Available in four colours and both 32mm and 45mm gauge. Matching tenders are available on our MSS Rolling Stock page.

By their nature these locomotives involve naked flames and will have hot surfaces and hot water and steam under pressure. As such these locos are sold as a collector model and are for age 14+ and then should only be used under the close supervision of a competent adult.

Please note that fuel tablets cannot be included for overseas customers due to air freight restrictions.

Please note: If running this product on Peco track, its tyre and flange profile means it requires a minimum radius of 3 foot 6 inches to avoid binding. This issue is not evident on the MSS or Mamod 2 foot 6 inch fixed radius track.


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MSS Side Tank Loco Kit
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9 Reviews:

Great little loco
02 April 2023  |  John

I haven't built this or even started to build this yet however having read through the instructions and checked everything is there it's looking very promising. I know the cost reduction is minimal compared to the RTR version however I'm not familiar with live steam and this looked basic enough for me to build successfully but good enough to get some knowledge of the basics of live steam
I'm going to build this with my 9 year old daughter so I wanted something that was fun but instructive and this looks the part.

I have watched quite a few Youtube videos to help me so I'm hoping that once it's built and run in we can have a lot of fun together, the cost is good so perhaps another one may be purchased

Due to the large number of spares I'm planning to upgrade at some point in the future as well (I did get the meths burner and uprated safety valve which will be fitted once everything is working well).

The customer service from Ruth was excellent. I am familiar with model railways but not large scales and live steam so her advice was just what I wanted and needed - thank you.

Hopefully I'll be back later for my daughter to purchase her own loco, that's the plan!!

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Side tank loco kit
12 October 2022  |  Alan

Just arrived on due date.Looks good and I think assembly will be straightforward.Very pleased.

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good kit
26 January 2018  |  Francesco

I do not read and write English google translation is my help
about the kit I find it very pretty and well defined, construction quite easy way of use well explained and illustrated, conclusion good report price

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1st kit
04 September 2016  |  Andrew

This kit is the best intro to garden live steam there is at a affordable start price
My 1st one is now upgraded with top up valve gas tank hp saftey valve and steam reg all dine once I built her
Since then I have got too used off ebay and completely re furbed and up graded
The mss mamod is the way too start

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Super product
30 August 2013  |  Stephen

Over the years I have built hundreds of kits, from plastic & balsa aircraft to complex electronics. This kit has to be one of the best ever in terms of quality. The only problems I had were minor, and are to be expected when you consider the fine tolerances this kit is made to. As others have said some of the holes round the bodywork needed enlarging a little (round needle file). My other problem is that movement was rather stiff, and here can I make a suggestion that cured it for me, smear a little oil on all moving surfaces before assembly, i.e. cylinder face, piston rods and wheel bearings.
I loved building this kit so much I'm going to build rolling stock and a tender too. Not only that but my wife is thrilled with how good it looks. And its a great start to our planned garden railway!

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It's a great start.
29 July 2013  |  John

A great introduction to garden railways/live steam.
In kit form this loco requires a little patience and some fettling during the body assembly to get everything lined up. It helps to open the bolt holes in the body work slightly as some were a little tight. Other than that it builds very easily.
Once built it needs a few steamings to settle in the moving parts, but given time and plenty of oil it will run very nicely.

Then it's time for the upgrades!

A meths burner and water top up valve are high on the list for must haves. The stage 1 upgrade kit is a safe bet and should produce an eager locomotive with steam to spare.

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Great Kit
10 February 2012  |  Phil

This kit is a great way way of starting and understanding live steam. I really enjoyed putting the kit together which has resulted in a great little starter garden railway locomotive.

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13 August 2011  |  Harry

Do not by the kit because the instructions are not clear and none of the holes line up. So treat your self and spend an extra 14 quid on a ready built one!!!

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getting started
08 July 2010  |  Tom

having the option to have ready to run is good. if you buy a kit form locomotive you can see who it works. It will give you more confidence in repairing and upgrading your loco. the instructions are clear and easy to read when it is done and working you get a sense of pride and will get you started in the world of live steam

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