Dapol OO Gauge Gunpowder Van SR 62139 Weathered

Dapol OO Gauge Gunpowder Van SR 62139 Weathered

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Ref::  4F-013-117
Brand:  Dapol

PROTOTYPE Gunpowder vans were specially constructed vans designed for the safer conveyance of gunpowder and other explosives. In the 1920s the RCH laid down rules governing the construction and running of these vans and these rules were enforced relatively unchanged until the 1980s when gunpowder vans ceased to be used. The rules governed issues such as the number of gunpowder vans allowed on one train (5 in peacetime, but whole trains were known during World War II), what other van could run alongside gunpowder vans (no vans with oil or combustible materials) and where special instructions had to be placed (a metal plate mounted on the door) were all prescribed. As another safety feature, these vans were often painted in distinguishing colours with large crosses painted on the sides to notify rail staff of the possible dangers. MODEL These wagons are highly detailed and will be a great addition to your rolling stock. FEATURES Profiled wheels Accurately applied livery Highly detailed body moulding NEM pockets with self-centring couplings MEASUREMENTS LENGTH OVER BUFFER 82mm WIDTH 33mm HEIGHT 44mm

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