Dapol N Gauge 2S-010-004 Hall 5908 Moreton Hall BR Early Lined Black

Dapol N Gauge 2S-010-004 Hall 5908 Moreton Hall BR Early Lined Black

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Ref::  2S-010-004
Brand:  Dapol

Churchwardís original scheme for standard GWR locomotives included a medium sized mixed traffic 4-6-0 with 6' wheels, but this actually was not built until 1936 when Collett introduced the Grange. In 1924 after requests from the Running Department for a more powerful mixed traffic engine, Collett designed the Hall class which was a development of Churchwardís 4-6-0 Saint.

Using the same boiler but reducing the driving wheel diameter to 5"-8' the tractive effort was increased to 27,275 lb, 3,000lb more than the Saint. Collett also added his side window cab which provided more protection for the crew from bad weather. After three years of extensive testing the engine was found to be thoroughly useful, able to tackle all kinds of traffic and popular with the crews. Between 1928 and 1943 a total of 258 engines were constructed and several survive into preservation.

Finely moulded body and tender with many separately added fine details
Painted cast wheels with fine relief and detail
Dapolís tender drive system that delivers power to the locomotive wheels
Tungsten chassis and 12 wheel pick up
Improved rare earth magnet motor generating up to 50% more torque for enhanced slow running speeds
Finely etched name plates
DCC Ready
Comes with factory fitted traction tyres
Accessory bag with spares and other added detail

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