Dapol N Gauge 7 Plank Wagon LMS 302080

Dapol N Gauge 7 Plank Wagon LMS 302080

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Ref::  2F-071-034
Brand:  Dapol

Open wagons were the first wagons used on the railroad. From the mid 1800s these developed and evolved into a wide range of styles and sizes.

In 1923, the Railway Clearing House prepared a set of standards for open top wagons which included load limits and standards of construction. These standards applied to all company and private owner wagons.

Tens of thousands of these wagons were produced with many being used well past nationalisation into the 1960s. There are numerous examples on various preserved lines throughout the UK.

These 7 plank 10ft wheelbase models are based on the 1923 standard end door version, indicating its main use for coal distribution.

Comes complete with coal load
Finely moulded chassis and body
NEM pockets and self centring couplers
Accurate and finely applied livery and decorations
Length Over Buffer 42mm
Width 17mm
Height 18mm

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