Diesel Loco Diecast Embellshments

Although not live steam, this limited supply of die-cast upgrade embellishments will appeal to enthusiasts operating diesel locomotives. These products are cast "white metal" ready for painting and include Sandboxes, Air cleaners, Steps, Metal plates etc.

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Detail Plate Patch Plate Small

Detail Plate Patch Plate Small£1.50

Diecast Detail Plate

Detail Plate Plate with Cowl

Detail Plate Plate with Cowl£1.00

Diecast Detail Plate with Cowl

Detail Plate with Hole

Detail Plate with Hole£1.00

Diecast Detail Plate with Hole

Large Tool Box

Large Tool Box£1.00

Diecast Large Tool Box

Small Tool Box

Small Tool Box£1.00

Diecast Small Tool Box

Page 1 of 1:    5 Items