Graham Farish N Gauge LMS 3F 'Jinty' Tank 47314 BR Black (Early Emblem)

Graham Farish N Gauge LMS 3F 'Jinty' Tank 47314 BR Black (Early Emblem)

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Ref::  372-211A
Brand:  Graham Farish

Built: 1924 – 1931

Built for: LMS

Designed by: Sir Henry Fowler

Duties: shunting and station pilot

Wheels: 0-6-0T


• New chassis with ‘Next18’ DCC decoder interface

• Sprung buffers

• Detailed cab interior


The origins of this design can be traced back to the Midland Railways engineer S.W. Johnson. After the formation of the London Midland & Scottish Railway, their own engineer Sir Henry Fowler developed this successful design and provided the company with an improved locomotive. A total of 422 Jinties were built from 1924 until 1931. So many were required that the LMS employed sub contractors, such as Vulcan, Bagnall and Hunslet to help with the production orders. The locomotives were versatile, at home shunting in stations, yards, and exchange sidings as well as on local trip work. They could also be found on passenger services and seven saw service on the Somerset & Dorset Railway until 1930 when they were absorbed back into the LMS stock. The design was very successful and the locomotives remained in service until the mid 1950’s when new diesel shunters were introduced. The numbers of locomotives gradually declined with the last of the class withdrawn in 1967. 10 locos have been preserved.

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