Bachmann OO Gauge Class 416 2-EPB 2-Car EMU 6262 BR Blue & Grey [W]

Bachmann OO Gauge Class 416 2-EPB 2-Car EMU 6262 BR Blue & Grey [W]

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Class 416/2 2-EPB 2-Car EMU 6262 BR Blue & Grey (Weathered)


Accessory Pack
Directional and interior lighting


British Rail Class 416 (2 EPB) electric multiple units were built between 1953 and 1956. They were intended for inner suburban passenger services on London's Southern Electric network. There were two subclasses of Class 416: Class 416/1 to an SR design on salvaged 2 NOL underframes, and Class 416/2 to BR's Mark I coach design, upon which the Branchline model is based.

With the introduction of yellow warning panels from late 1963 the motor coaches of all Southern Region 2 and 3-car units were equipped with an inverted black triangle in order to provide an early visual indication to station staff that there was no brake van at the other end of the unit. As units such the 4 EPB stock had a brake van at each end of the unit they were not so equipped.

In the 1980s some 2 EPB units were used on the North London Line between Richmond and North Woolwich.

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