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MSS Mamod Upgrades - Summerlands Chuffer

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Summerlands Chuffer

We are very pleased to offer the new Summerlands Chuffer. This is a highly developed and precision engineered chuff pipe that can bring the real sound of a working steam loco to your MSS or older Mamod loco.

It is machined from solid brass to a design that has been proven, through extensive testing and customer trials, to give an excellent chuff.

The chuff pipe consists of a jet within a narrow throat. This has a specially designed sounding slot, hand cut into the machined body. The body above the slot is machined out to give the maximum volume for resonance, which, when mounted within the chimney of the loco, amplifies the sound.

Please Note: This chuff pipe is 48mm long with a 25mm adaptor tube to fit over the existing 1/8th (3.2mm) exhaust pipe in the smoke box. You will need to remove the smoke box to fit this item, which will require some dismantling of your loco. The existing exhaust pipe will also need some bending into position to meet up with the chuff pipe. Help is available by email or telephone and we offer a full fitting service under our Services page if required.

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good improvement
14 June 2023  |  John

Easy to fit to Mamod ST1.
I found the bending of the steam pipe a bit daunting and used a plumber's trick to avoid kinking by using an old guitar string (inserted in the pipe before bending) to act as a plumber's spring - worked a treat!
Worthwhile improvement to the live steam experience. Plenty of illustrated guidance on the net.

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