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Mamod Brunel

Mamod Brunel£440.00

Brunel Vertical Boiler Engine

Mamod Goods Wagon

Mamod Goods Wagon£44.00

Mamod Goods Wagon, compatible with most locomotives

Mamod Guards Van

Mamod Guards Van£50.00

Mamod Guards Van, compatible with most locomotives

Mamod MK III

Mamod MK III£336.00

Mamod MkIII Locomotive

Mamod Saddle Tank

Mamod Saddle Tank£336.00

Mamod Saddle Tank Locomotive

Mamod Tanker

Mamod Tanker£39.00

Mamod Tanker, compatible with most locomotives

Mamod Telford

Mamod Telford£452.00

Mamod Telford Locomotive

Mamod Telford with Damaged Box

Mamod Telford with Damaged Box£442.00

Mamod Telford Locomotive

Mamod Tender

Mamod Tender£39.00

Mamod Tender, compatible with most locomotives

MSS Saddle Tank Loco

MSS Saddle Tank Loco£256.95   £230.00

MSS Side Tank Loco

MSS Side Tank Loco£231.10   £200.00

The most popular in our range of fully assembled ready to run live steam locomotives.

MSS Side Tank Loco Kit

MSS Side Tank Loco Kit£218.00   £190.00

The most popular in our range of self assembly kit live steam locomotives.

Roundhouse Locomotive - Bertie

Roundhouse Locomotive - Bertie£628.00

Bertie is typical of the style of Saddle Tank locos that were probably the most common type of small locomotive found on British narrow gauge railways. He is offered ready to run in a choice of colours and in either 32mm or 45mm gauge.

Roundhouse Locomotives - Alco

Roundhouse Locomotives - Alco£1,800.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Beddgelert

Roundhouse Locomotives - Beddgelert£1,795.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Billy

Roundhouse Locomotives - Billy£1,285.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Bulldog

Roundhouse Locomotives - Bulldog£613.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Bundaberg

Roundhouse Locomotives - Bundaberg£1,593.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Darjeeling 'B' Class

Roundhouse Locomotives - Darjeeling 'B' Class£1,875.00

Roundhouse Locomotives - Darjeeling NDM-6

Roundhouse Locomotives - Darjeeling NDM-6£1,310.00

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